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Grocery Re-Sale

The cans may have a dent or two, and the corner of the boxes might be a little bent, but the food inside is as good as it ever was, and customers can buy them at a much lower price than grocery or super centers.

Harvest Market sells perfectly good food, laundry supplies and other items at a much lower price than major & independent grocery stores. People ask how we do afford to do this and the answer is simple, we buy salvage, bent and dent items from reclamation centers here in Wisconsin.

Accidents happen, even in the grocery business. If a case of green beans gets dropped, and a couple of cans get bent, those cans (and sometimes the whole case) do not make it to the grocery store shelves. Instead, they're sent to a reclamation center, where broken jars are discarded, cans with leaks are destroyed and the rest of the products are then shipped to a distributor, who sells to stores like Harvest Market.

In other cases, undamaged grocery items become salvage because their "use by" date is getting close, or because the item just didn't sell well in that area. Jalapenos sell well in Texas, maybe not so well in Illinois. Sometimes the reason the item becomes salvage is seasonal. A lot of Halloween items show up in November and Christmas items show up in January.

Prices are low because they need to be in this type of store. Because we can buy huge quantities of grocery items each month, we are able to get high quality, name brand groceries as well as other products and sell them for a lot less. The bottom line is. Come to Harvest Market for the same goods you buy at the major grocery stores, experience the same quality name brands you have come to love, and SAVE MONEY doing it!


Fresh Bread

Fresh bread now baked daily!
We feature a 6 Seed bread, Cinnamon Raisin bread, Cheese and Onion bread and a flavor of the day! 6 Seed and Cinnamon Raisin always available; call us for the flavor of the day.
We take advance orders and can do special flavors!
For special orders, please call us no later than 12 PM the day before you want to get your bread!

Bent&Dent Products

Still Tasty

What you should know about the shelf life of foods. For more information on how Discount Groceries, Bent & Dent Groceries, and Salvage Groceries works please visit http://www.stilltasty.com/ for Facts, Studies, and answers to all your questions.

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